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Cycling at the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Games:

Women's Road Race, Individual

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Host City: Los Angeles, United States
Date Started: July 29, 1984
Date Finished: July 29, 1984

Gold:USA Connie Carpenter-Phinney
Silver:USA Rebecca Twigg
Bronze:FRG Sandra Schumacher

Event Notes

Final Standings79.2 km. (49.2 miles) mass start race.


This was the first cycling event ever contested at the Olympics for women. The favorite in the race was Jeannie Longo, considered the greatest female cyclist ever. Also highly considered were two Americans, Connie Carpenter-Phinney and Rebecca Twigg. Twigg was also known for her brains and her looks. She had gone to college when only 14 years-old, skipping four years of high school, and also did some modeling. She had also won a silver medal at the 1983 World Championships, behind Marianne Berglund of Sweden. Carpenter-Phinney had competed as a speed skater at the 1972 Winter Olympics, and was married to American cyclist Davis Phinney, who also competed at the 1984 Olympic Games and was known as a great sprinter. The final breakaway in the race came midway thru, and included Longo, Carpenter-Phinney, and Twigg, as well as top Italian rider, Maria Canins. Twigg, known for her sprinting ability on the track, was favored to win the sprint. Less than a kilometer from the finish, Longo and Canins hit their wheels, and Longo’s chain came off, eliminating her. Twigg led out the sprint and appeared to have the race in hand, but Carpenter-Phinney caught her and used a bike-throwing technique she had learned from her husband to win by inches.


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Finish Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
1 Connie Carpenter-Phinney 27 United States USA Gold
2 Rebecca Twigg 21 United States USA Silver
3 Sandra Schumacher 17 West Germany FRG Bronze
4 Unni Larsen 25 Norway NOR
5 Maria Canins 35 Italy ITA
6 Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli 25 France FRA
7 Helle Sørensen 21 Denmark DEN
8 Ute Enzenauer 19 West Germany FRG
9 Luisa Seghezzi 18 Italy ITA
10 Janelle Parks 21 United States USA
11 Cécile Odin 18 France FRA
12 Ines Varenkamp 20 West Germany FRG
13 Catherine Swinnerton 26 Great Britain GBR
14 Dominique Damiani 31 France FRA
15 Kristina Ranudd 21 Sweden SWE
16 Tuulikki Jahre 32 Sweden SWE
17 Linda Gornall 20 Great Britain GBR
18 Nina Søbye 27 Norway NOR
19 Hege Stendahl 17 Norway NOR
20 Marielle Guichard 20 France FRA
21 Inga Thompson-Benedict 20 United States USA
22 Geneviève Robic-Brunet 25 Canada CAN
23 Roberta Bonanomi 17 Italy ITA
24 Marie-Claude Audet 22 Canada CAN
25 Marianne Berglund 21 Sweden SWE
26 Johanna Hack 27 Austria AUT
27 Karen Strong-Hearth 30 Canada CAN
28 Leontine van der Lienden 25 Netherlands NED
29 Maria Blower 19 Great Britain GBR
30 Muriel Sharp 31 Great Britain GBR
31 Lu Suyan 19 China CHN
32 Kathlyn Ragg 21 Fiji FIJ
33 Gabriele Altweck 21 West Germany FRG
34 Emanuela Menuzzo 27 Italy ITA
35 Paula Westher 19 Sweden SWE
36 Wang Li 21 China CHN
37 Henny Top 27 Netherlands NED
38 Hilde Dobiasch 29 Austria AUT
39 Thea van Rijnsoever 27 Netherlands NED
40 Wakako Abe 18 Japan JPN
41 Lu Yue 23 China CHN
42 Choi Eun-Suk 20 South Korea KOR
43 Mun Suk 19 South Korea KOR
44 Son Yak-Seon 18 South Korea KOR
AC Merilyn Phillips 27 Cayman Islands CAY