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The brain in your head and the one in your gut are always exchanging info. But how do they do it? https://t.co/VXIyTTPcg4
TED Fellows 16 Mar
This is what shamanism looks like in South Korea today: @Seethisway https://t.co/CMvmBUrUCq
TED Fellows 16 Mar
RT @parmeshs: Read this by my friend and hero, @TEDFellow @nighatdad https://t.co/ZkLEkiSbAF
TED Fellows 16 Mar
RT @TEDTalks: Learn how to control someone else's arm with your brain in this unbelievable—and creepy—demo: https://t.co/7y0puADjNH
TED Fellows 16 Mar
“The more you challenge people and the status quo, the more you face backlash,” says @nighatdad. “I’m not really af… https://t.co/3EuU9A2ZUQ
TED Fellows 15 Mar

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