Rankin: Seven Photographs that Changed Fashion

This week BBC4 will explore the impact of photography on fashion. Photographer Rankin has reconstructed seven provocative images by the most influential fashion images of the Twentieth Century including Cecil Beaton's 1934 'Hat Box'. Credit: RANKIN. HOMAGE TO CECIL BEATON - HAT BOX 1934
In 1950 Vogue opened the decade with an abstract January cover piece by Erwin Blumenfeld. Model Heidi Klum licks her lips in Rankin's raunchy version of the Vogue cover femme fatale Credit: RANKIN. HOMAGE TO ERWIN BLUMENFELD - VOGUE VCOVER JANUARY 1950
In Rankin's interpretation of the 1955 image of elegant Dovima with Elephants, Erin O'Connor stands in for 1950s aristocratic beauty Dovima, who wore the first Dior dress to be designed by Yves Saint-Laurent. Credit: RANKIN. HOMAGE TO RICHARD AVEDON - DOVIMA WITH ELEPHANTS 1955
Typically classic and timeless, this 1963 image by David Bailey originally featured Jane Shrimpton. Bailey was present at the shooting of this remake, posed for by Rankin's girlfriend Tuuli. Credit: RANKIN. HOMAGE TO DAVID BAILEY - JEAN SHRIMPTON
British supermodel Jade Parfitt makes a wonderfully angular and androgynous Helmut Newton model in this remake, shot in the original Rue Aubriot in the shadow of Newton's Paris studio. Credit: RANKIN. HOMAGE TO HELMUT NEWTON - RUE ABRIOT FOR VOGUE 1975
Herb Ritts' original rugged, available mechanic 'Fred with Tires' was more a celebration of muscle and vein than strictly fashion. Nonetheless, Ritts' has almost become a formula for advertising. Model David Gandy poses. Credit: RANKIN. HOMAGE TO HERB RITTS - FRED WITH TIRES 1934