5 stars: Excellent

I don't usually write reviews but this…

I don't usually write reviews but this time, I'm going to share my experience.

Working with Dan.com is the most amazing experience I have ever had in buying domain names.

I bought the domain within few minutes as I have direct interactions with the owner than wait for days and weeks to get a response from the owner.

Negotiation is very real and I know I'm working with the decision maker that saves me tons of time in the buying process. I also like the system setup, big fonts that are making the focus on it, simple and easy to use, only a few buttons to click and I'm done (especially good for IT dummy like me).

Once I'm away for a longer time, the system will prompt for a new link to resume back to the conversation which is protecting my privacy over the process.

The best part in Dan.com is, the next working day, I can take over the domain bought with full power over it, I'm talking about transferring the domain to my appointed vendor that gives me full ownership, this is very critical and important to a buyer and many out there overlooked this small details, but not Dan.com

Overall, I'm very happy working with Dan.com and I'm looking forward to buying more from Dan.com

If you asked me, definitely Dan.com is the best marketplace to get your ideal domains because is hassle-free!

How do I know?

Because I have personally experienced it and going to be Dan.com number 1 fans!

4 stars: Great

Fast and mostly efficient

Fast and mostly efficient, but a little confusing for those of us who are not computer whizzes. Customer service responded quickly to my email, but I would always prefer to be able to call someone when I don't find the "easy steps" that clear. Since another company is involved, it was more steps than I anticipated and multiple emails. But overall, it was legit and it quick!

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1 star: Bad

False advertising of the buyer protection program

I normally don’t leave negative reviews. But the lack of accountability & being so far from the process described in the buyer protection program warrants it.

I submitted the credentials on the panel & through email. Yet I kept getting emails with a countdown telling me it wasn’t received. This is after calling in to confirm the submission. I was told it was handled overseas *red flag*.

Hi Sean,
I do not see your GoDaddy details received by us unfortunately.
Could you send them here please?
All the best,

I’m not sure what send them here please means to anyone else but when emailed from an email other than support it’s sketchy. I replied to this email & cc’d support. Yet they continue to say the credentials weren’t received.

How is that my fault and why respond to the email with the credentials stating they still haven’t been received?

When I finally got frustrated with the emails ignoring the fact that I submitted the credentials multiple times. I asked for my money back.

I was told they paid the seller before even beginning the transfer process. So no refund was possible.

When I pointed out the buyer protection process listed on their site & explained on multiple calls before the payment.

I was told there’s a clause in the terms of use that says once the payment is made they pay the seller & take over as registrar. Allowing them to hold the domain hostage!

Please read item 4.11 on our terms of use to read that no transaction can be reverted one we have received the payment from the buyer:
Dan.com terms_of_use#rights_and_obligations

Why isn’t this listed under the buyer domain program description of the process??? It makes any sense of protection null & void! The moment a payment is made. Which means there is no buyer protection!

Misrepresenting the facts not just on the site but on phone calls describing the process. Saying the buyer gets paid after not before! Is just wrong!

This has been an awful experience. Zero accountability. Blaming the buyer & providing zero customer support. I can’t trust what’s said on calls & they ignore their own comments in an email.

After all of this, they had the temerity to send me the link to submit a positive review. This is why I’m posting this to warn people of my experience.

**As an update, they have posted their response and then reached out to me via email stating that I did indeed send over the credentials but lack the character to come back here and admit it.

Instead, they've opted to covertly admit it while continuing to attempt to make me sound like I don't know what I'm talking about. Things like this do damage to a person's good name and reputation. Especially when it is attached to the business/brand.

Now I'm getting CYA emails with them trying to fast track the transfer instead of giving the refund that I asked for due to misrepresenting the process and the situation.

It's shameful that I have to come back here and clear my name because they lack the character to own their mistakes.

"Apologies for the back and forth emails, but I've just been able to locate your GoDaddy credentials, which was lost in the email thread that you've sent over."

The credentials were literally in the email that they were responding to and they just chose to ignore it. How do you hit reply on an email with the information and then say we haven't received it. smh

Reply from Dan.com
Hi Sean,

Your problem can be resolved very easily if you simply use your buyer control panel. Our emails might land in your spambox since that's how you access your buyer control panel. As mentioned through our support channel: we've created a secure buyer control panel that you have to use to submit specific information from. This is a feature created to enhance your security as we cannot accept specific data from our support channel which doesn't have advanced verification in place.

I've just reviewed your transaction and we observe to have never received a message from you directly from your buyer control panel. If you simply send us your details via your buyer control panel, we can still deliver the domain you.

Considering that you're not sending us any messages through your buyer control panel, you might be using the wrong email address. We've sent you a number of transfer reminders to your @aol.com email. Please check your spam folder. Maybe our instructions & reminders are landing in the wrong folder since we've verified today that the emails have been sent to the email address you used to purchase the domain name.

You can also contact our support and validate you've submitted the correct email address when you purchased the domain.

We're sorry you've had a bad experience on our marketplace.

-we have edited our reply on Tuesday, 5 Oct: 17:28.

Kind regards,

4 stars: Great

Started off sceptical

Started off sceptical, but proven wrong
Thinking it was "just another" one of these rip off domain sales places. But NO.
Actually, once the seller (who I assume is another customer of dan.com) accepted my offer (which he did promptly), the process was smooth and slick with none of the old "we might advertise your domain elsewhere and you might lose or we might auction it BS). Just a smooth and slick process that got (hopefully) both a happy vendor and happy purchaser at the end of it.