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Funded projects

UKRI is committed to publishing information about the projects it funds:

  • so people can search and analyse information about publicly funded research
  • to provide data on how we spend taxpayers’ money to fund research and innovation.

The Gateway to Research portal holds information about funded projects from all the research councils and Innovate UK, including grants awarded, project descriptions and partners working on the project.

It includes information on active projects and the outcomes for projects that have finished.

Use the portal when planning your application for funding to see what has already been funded and avoid duplication.

We have also created some datasets for specific funded portfolios, including visualisation tools, so that researchers and businesses can explore funded projects.

Funding data

We publish data on the funding commitments made through our competitive opportunities.

Data on spending commitments

See our data on competitive funding decisions.

We also publish data on our funding by regional breakdown.

Data on research outputs

See our latest data on our research outputs reported by our funded projects

Last updated: 3 November 2020

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