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Jewel Taylor, Vice President of Liberia.

Liberia’s vice-president lauds women’s role in mitigating impact of climate change

Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor says women are key to building a peaceful and sustainable climate-resilient Africa.
Vanessa Nakate

‘You can’t have climate justice without gender equality’

— Vanessa Nakate, Ugandan climate activist.

In Morocco, fisherwomen adopt new climate-resilient practices

About 10,000 women collect shellfish and other seafood along the coastline to make a living.
Secretary-General António Guterres meeting with Greta Thunberg

“A Sustainable Feminist Recovery”

On this International Women’s Day, the clock on women’s rights is moving backwards.
Hawa Games Dahab Gabjenda

African women identified as the core of the AfCFTA agenda

This was said at the Africa Regional Forum on Sustainable Development (ARFSD) being held in Kigali, Rwanda
Women’s empowerment

Innovative tools helping grassroots women access land in Africa

Women groups, cooperatives, lobbying and mapping help navigate land issues.
16 Days of Activism

Violence against women has worsened due to COVID-19 pandemic

New UN Women report shows that women’s feelings of safety have been eroded.
Health Campaign