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Britney Spears extends Vegas show for two years

Britney Spears announced Wednesday she's signed up for two more years in Las Vegas for her popular residency show, Piece of Me, at Planet Hollywood.

Spears, who's been in Vegas since December 2013, made the announcement at the end of her show on Wednesday.

“I have some big news tonight. Usually I have you guys help me count to three, but tonight I want you to help me count to two, because I’m going to be in Vegas for two more years!," she shouted to applause and cheering.

On Thursday, she put the news and a video out on Twitter.

Hours earlier, she had hinted about some big news.

She wasn't always sure about her plans. Last month, she told E! that she might be leaving Las Vegas where she's been a popular draw at The Axis.

"I'm not really sure," Spears said in an interview at the Teen Choice Awards. "I haven't made up my mind. I really love doing the show. It's a lot, a lot of fun but I'm kind of torn right now. I don't really know what I want to do."

In any case, her fans are thrilled.

In a press release from Spears and Planet Hollywood, she said the show will undergo "a substantial re-imagination"  to add "jaw-dropping elements" designed to achieve "new heights."

Spears' show regularly sells out and has been seen by nearly 400,000 people, the casino asserts. Earlier this year, it was voted Best Overall Show and Best Bachelorette Party by readers of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

In a statement, David Hoenemeyer, regional president of Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, said Spears was the city's first pop-music resident, marking a new era of entertainment for Sin City.

“When we first announced (the show) two years ago, we were certain that Britney’s residency would revolutionize the entertainment landscape in Las Vegas, and (we) are thrilled at how successful the show has been,” said Hoenemeyer.