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Tom Hanks brings David S. Pumpkins back to 'Saturday Night Live'

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Any questions? We mean besides "When will Tom Hanks resurrect David S. Pumpkins?" because that query was answered on this weekend's Saturday Night Live when The Circle actor reprised the role for a NSFW segment.

On a crowded track from Big Chris' (Kenan Thompson) appropriately titled One VoiceThe Rock's running mate joined musical guest Katy Perry, Prinsexxxy (Leslie Jones), Pregnasty (Kate McKinnon) and King Keef himself (Dwayne Johnson) who brought "that West Coast stank."

Hanks' Pumpkins, featured in a sketch from October, got a makeover for the music video. He's still rocking his black and orange suit with pumpkin print but accessorized with a furry hat and jacket. He also now packs heat and goes by the name "David S. Pimpkins."

Our only question now is when will we get more Pumpkins Pimpkins?