W3C Evangelists

What are W3C Evangelists

W3C Evangelists represent W3C in various locations and are an extension of W3C’s Business Development Team. They are responsible for identifying and recruiting new W3C Members, running local events, promoting W3C Training and fostering Sponsorship. An Evangelist may cover all W3C technologies in a particular geographic region or be responsible for a particular Vertical Industry within an assigned geography.

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How to become a W3C Evanglist

An individual becomes a W3C Evangelist as follows:

W3C Evangelists are aligned to one of the W3C Hosts which will be the primary W3C territory for their activities. There will be a Territory Manager aligned to each Host. The Territory Manager is a member of the W3C Team and will work under the direction of the Global Business Development Leader. A Territory Manager is the primary contact for W3C Evangelists.

Member Access to W3C Site

W3C Evangelists may be granted “Member access” to the W3C Web site.

Periodic Review

The status of all W3C Evangelists is reviewed every year, and may be reviewed more frequently.

W3C Evangelist Identity

Public Directory

The public W3C Evangelists directory exposes a combination of of W3C database information and information an Evangelist has entered (or will have to enter) in their W3C profile:

  • First and Last Name
  • Photo
  • GitHub icon linking to Github profile
  • Title
  • Biography