Mail, News, Blogs, Podcasts, and Tutorials

W3C uses a number of online tools for work, education, and outreach.

Mailing Lists Header link

Most W3C work is conducted on archived mailing lists. Each mailing list has its own purpose: some are for general discussions, others are for more specific topics like fonts and HTML. In order to keep the noise level on the mailing lists low and the quality high, it is very important that you carefully read the purpose of each mailing lists and select one list only for your mail.

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W3C news is published on the W3C home page, then moves to archives.

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The Newsletter is a weekly compilation of recent home page news and W3C blog posts, as well as other information about upcoming talks and events. W3C Members also receive a Weekly Member Newsletter.

Blogs and Microblogs Header link

W3C hosts a number of group and individual blogs and microblogs (status updates) on twitter and identi.ca. The W3C staff uses the W3C Blog as a general forum for W3C topics.

Tutorials and Courses Header link

Although W3C Working Groups typically focus on technical specifications, test suites, and so forth, we also recognize the importance of educational materials such as tutorials and online training courses to help people use their results. W3C has developed a number of tutorials, and welcomes additions to the collection from the community .

Podcasts and Video Header link

W3C looks forward to sharing podcasts and video of Tim Berners-Lee and others of the W3C community, as well as videos to help explain Web technologies.