Enable JavaScript

JavaScript is a programming language that Website developers can use as a part of creating websites.

Generally speaking, JavaScript allows websites to have a bit of interactivity built into them; to allow websites to update individual parts of a webpage (instead of having to reload the entire page); allow things to move on the page (such as in a game, or a News Feed which regularly updates).

Many websites won't work properly (or at all) without JavaScript, so here's how to get it:

You're using Chrome, so you probably want to go straight to the Chrome guide.

List of guides to enable JavaScript

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Is this the same as Java?

No, Java and JavaScript are two very different things. We've got a guide which outlines the differences between Java and JavaScript if you're curious.

But in summary; Java is very old and unused technology for websites; so it's probably JavaScript that you're after... and you're in the right place for that!