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Mozilla Community Member Talks about Earthquake
Firefox 3.6 Release Day - Behind the Scenes
What's New in Firefox 3.6
Firefox Personas
Meet Firefox for Mobile
Celebrate Five Years of Firefox
Firefox and tabs
Switch to Firefox
Firefox and bookmarks
Firefox and the awesomebar
Firefox and Privacy
Firefox and security
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June 01, 2009
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Channel Comments (194)
TvBioshock (15 hours ago)
der beste browser ÜBERHAUPT !!!!
Atal123Studio (2 days ago)
i wonder why cant microsoft learn from Firefox :P what they also could do is make Firefox on Windows teh standard browser, they would be helping the surfing world a lot with it :)
123pelerin (3 days ago)
version 3.6.2 is a fantastic improvement! and personas a great too
gianmerlo (3 days ago)
I tried the major browsers, now I can not navigate without Firefox.
TomJack281 (5 days ago)
Not waste of words :)
xeylace (1 week ago)
i have firefox :P
rubykairon (1 week ago)
FireFox is supercool!!
kerdoi (1 week ago)
Looking forward to 3.7 and 4 versions. MS douchebags won't make IE9 for Windows XP...And just when I was getting excited, seeing their development with it. That lack of support will bakfire on them. Oh well though; if they want be stupid asshats like that, then I'll bet a lot of upset XP users like myself will just get the new Firefox versions(or forget IE and just continue with Firefox). Please keep supporting Windows XP; don't take MS's path and not have support for it with FF 4 and beyond.
iiiProSwagBucks (1 week ago)
firefox is good BUT they need to change the design of Firefox becuase it's outdated
race2mars (1 week ago)
good work guys, the personas are awesome!! :D
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