YourAdChoices Gives You Control

When you click on the YourAdChoices Icon, you are provided information from the company that helped bring you the ad and a choice to opt out from such interest-based ads using free-to-the-consumer Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) tools. These tools, through the DAA YourAdChoices program, allow you to exercise control under the DAA Principles for a broad array of companies providing this type of advertising right here:



WebChoices: YourAdChoices Control for the Web

Whether you want to exercise control on your desktop or mobile browser, the DAA YourAdChoices program provides you with the WebChoices tool that can help you make choices for a broad array of companies.

Visit the WebChoices Tool




AppChoices: YourAdChoices Control in Apps

You can also download the free AppChoices app for control over how information about your interests is used for in-app advertising on your mobile device.

Available for iOS and Android.



Consumer Assistance | WebChoices and AppChoices

Frequently Asked Questions about the Digital Advertising Alliance and Its Consumer Choice Tools: WebChoices & AppChoices

For answers to frequent questions about the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) self-regulatory program, interest-based advertising and other applicable uses of Web-viewing and app usage data, and how the DAA's two consumer choice tools - WebChoices and AppChoices - work, please visit the following FAQ topic areas:

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