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"The Ultimate Mac Resource:" applelinks.com
Mac Home Journal Nov, 1997

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Claris HomePage 3.0 Beta Now Available

You can now update your links on-line

In The News

  • Preflight Pro Updated
  • Visit Mac Game Planet
  • New Mac Hardware Site
  • Browser Utility Released
  • E-mail From The Big Guy

Apple Computer News

  • Too Stupid to Hire?
  • Apple/Oracle: Stay Tuned!
  • Apple Missing Opportunity?
  • Psst! Hey Buddy, Wanna Buy a 604e?
  • QuickTake Cameras for Power of 10 Schools!

News From Around The Web

  • IBM Helps Purina Rewrite App. in Java.
  • Nomai S.A. Gives Rebuttal to Iomega Claims
  • AOL Reaches One Million Users Outside U.S.
  • Apple's Sales Slide as Disinterest in Non-G3 Macs Rises
  • This Holiday Season Will See More Online Sales Than Ever Before.
  • More Than 5,000 Schools Sign Up for Apple's Power of 10 Program

Software Updates

  • Snak 1.1
  • GoMac 1.4.4
  • MicNotePad 4.3
  • WCCacheCleaner 1.7.7
  • Claris Home Page3.0 Beta
  • Jeremy's Control Strip Modules 1.7.3


WebSiphon is a powerful dynamic web publishing and CGI development tool with an integrated flat file database that should be in every site administrator's arsenal. By embedding sections of an easy to learn scripting language directly into your HTML documents, you can instantly turn any file on your site into a dynamic CGI.

BeHierarchic 3.1 is MacOS 8 savvy. A shareware at $10 for any Macintosh, PowerMacintosh using system 7.0 up to system 8.0. Fully revised version of one of the first Apple Menu enhancers. Displays small icons in the submenus, items grouping and sorting, collects recent files and folders, displays more than five level of submenus, instant swapping of the contents of the Apple Menu

"The Ultimate Mac Resource:"


In November's issue of Mac Home Journal, applelinks.com has been named "The Ultimate Mac Resource." According to Ed Prasek, out of thousands of Mac-related websites "...one of the best is applelinks.com." He adds that "it boasts an unreal number of links to other Mac-related Websites; a large shareware library; resources for hardware, HTML and the Internet; and much, much more." Stop by today to check it out for yourself and while you're there, add your link.

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