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iPass Holiday Roaming
Take advantage of Digital Ark's Internet Roaming solution to access your email and the Internet for last minute shopping and travel plans durring this holiday season. iPass Internet Roaming provides you with access to more than 3,000 points of presence in 150 countries.

Start roaming today: go to http://services.ark.com/ipass/ipass.htm and follow the instructions to get set up before you leave town for the holidays or any other trips.

The Courtenay Cam
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Mt. Washington
Alpine Resort

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A site for all ages with links to resources, games, entertainment and a kids zone. Some engines to get you started with external searches. Here are some of the companies we have had the pleasure working with. A place especially for our customers. -change password -check your hours Features up to six different companies and community programs a month. Also the location for Digital Times.
Site links for shareware, freeware, sports, weather and much more. Prices, Services, E-mail and Contract Information. Technical Support, Glossary of Terms, Tips and FAQs. Parent Company to Digital Ark Internet Services and Vnode.com Internet identity solutions for your business.

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New Hours for Technical Support
Mon to Fri: 9:00am to 7:00pm
Sat: 9:00am to 5:00pm

. Digital Ark© was the 1st internet provider to north Vancouver Island back in 1994. Since then, our service just keeps growing. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the highest quality Internet access available. Our system & security administrators work long, hard hours to ensure that you are provided safe, reliable service. We plan our upgrades and expansions effectively to ensure our customers are able to connect without busy signals. Many customers are new to the internet and clearly need assistance to help get connected. Our technical support staff answer thousands of internet based technical related questions yearly . They go above and beyond the standard level of customer service to ensure that you are connecting but connecting properly. They believe in the value of our customers. Our administration team is eager to assist you with any account issues. Our friendly staff offer expertise in all areas to ensure you are being serviced quickly and efficiently. Our customers agree that we care about what we do and we care about them just by the level of service and customer support that is given.

Irenyx Data Group Inc. is the parent company to Digital Ark© Internet Services, as well as Vnode.com. If you are looking for quick internet identity services via web hosting, check out the Vnode.com connector packages..servicing clients from around the world.

A quick word about our new site. In constructing these new pages we have used code and techniques that should be compatible with the majority of web browsers. Although we could have included many extra features including Java applets and other advanced techniques, these require the latest browsers which may not be usable on many current systems. As our goal is to service all of our subscribers, we made this site to make travel quicker and more efficient. We would like to thank the customers who took the time to give us suggestions and feedback. We have tried to incorporate many of the ideas into our site redesign. Below you will find a summary of each new area and what you will find inside of them. If you have bookmarks for URLs that no longer exist, we have made sure that you know where the new connecting page is located from that older address. Feedback and comments are always welcome ....so please contact our webworks staff at the following email address: webworks@ark.com. Safe Travel.

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