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As the oldest and largest liberal arts college in South Carolina, the College of Liberal Arts is at the intellectual core of the University of South Carolina. As the center of a large comprehensive institution dedicated to teaching, research, and public service, the College has a number of important responsibilities.

The undergraduate program strives to provide the highest quality of learning opportunities leading to degrees in the humanities, fine arts, social and behavioral sciences. A key goal of the undergraduate program is to help students develop the ability to think, communicate, solve problems, respond to ideas, and interpret human experience. In addition, the College enlarges the creative and intellectual capacities, as well as the historical and ethical perspectives, in our students and in the community at large.

The College also focuses on its graduate programs which support and encourage the development of intellectual leadership, advanced and innovative research and excellence in performance and teaching. The graduate program serves as an active intellectual, cultural, and artistic resource for the state, the region, and the nation. [continue]


The College of Liberal Arts also seeks to provide a responsive environment for exploring new frontiers of human knowledge, and disseminating and integrating new discoveries into the broader community.

The College consists of a wide range of academic departments and supports programs offering diverse educational experiences. On average, each year the College awards over 1,000 undergraduate and 300 graduate degrees. Each year its 375 full-time faculty author, co-author, or edit over 80 books, publish over 300 chapters and articles, write over 200 reviews and miscellaneous reports, present over 400 papers at professional meetings, and exhibit or perform at over 2,000 artistic events. Faculty activities generate over $4 million in new grants and contracts annually.





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