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MoE Green Paper A Plan for the National Qualifications Framework

MoE Link Annual Report on Maori Education 1996/1997
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International Students
MoE Link Code of Practice for the recruitment, welfare, and support of international students

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Sublink July 1998 School Statistics (New 4-Dec-1998)

Early Childhood
MoE Link Better Beginnings: Early childhood education in New Zealand

MoE Green Paper A Review of Teacher Education 1997
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MoE Link Achievement 2001 - Qualifications for 16 to 19 year olds
MoE Green Paper Assessment for Success in Primary Schools
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Tertiary Education
MoE Link A Guide to tertiary education in New Zealand
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MoE Link The Student Allowances and Student Loan Scheme background
MoE Link Tertiary Education Savings
MoE Green Paper Tertiary Review (White Paper 18-Nov-1998)
Database The Prospectus database of programs of study at New Zealand tertiary institutions
MoE Link The Universal Tertiary Tuition Allowance for Tertiary Education Institutions - 1999
MoE Link Transfer of student allowances administration to Work and Income NZ

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NZ Link The New Zealand Council for Education Research
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Please refer queries about administration and courses of study at schools and tertiary institutions to those institutions.