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  "We Are Building Web Information Systems Using Microsoft Technologies"


DANIA: Your Internet, Intranet & Extranet one stop shopping !

Today, having a Web site on the Internet is serious business. A Web server can be many things to an organization like an automated sales point, a marketing vehicle or a customer information & support service, working around the clock seven days a week.
In the Web world, a few sites have it, many sites don't. Why? A
Web site may be attractive and full of the latest gadgets (animated gifs, frames, applets ...) but is it really useful? Most the time the answer is no!
A lot of corporate Web sites do not fulfill their mandate.

Your Web site ...
Is it attracting new visitors? Is it actually making sales? Is it really helping customers? Is it user friendly?

DANIA is offering you it's help to build your Web site or system the right way... the first time.

Many firm are making a fortune out of the mystery of computer technologies. DANIA is offering you technologies that you can understand & use.

With our help & the top tools from Microsoft, Corel and others...
You will be able to update & admin. your Web
server all by yourself.
You will be able to create
Web pages in a matter of minutes.

You need a useful & reliable Web site or Web server?
DANIA is offering you it's affordable expertise and the most innovative, cost-efficient & user friendly tools on the market.

More and more businesses are finding the Web's productivity so attractive that they buy Web systems solely for internal information delivery. A computer network based on Internet technologies is an "Intranet". An "Extranet" is an Intranet connecting selected customers, suppliers and strategic partners via the Internet.

We will be more than pleased to offer you a free estimate.

Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) ...
Is it reliable? Is your Web site always visible on the Net? Do you get a line when you need one? Do you receive all your E-Mail?

DANIA is also offering reliable & very affordable Web site & Web system hosting including Internet connectivity ( to the 514 area code ).

Is your Web site in construction? Here are some Icons & Images; arrows, bars, buttons, misc and symbols.


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