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Steven Spielberg's "Amistad," which opens Dec. 12 in Hartford, has received rave early reviews for its emotional and sensitive portrayal of Africans who mutinied on a slave ship and their subsequent trials in Hartford and New Haven. With the upcoming release, interest in this historical story is growing. Our Amistad Web site is loaded with information.

The Hartford Courant online. Our latest take on the nation's oldest continuously published newspaper. You'll find Connecticut news, business, sports, editorials and top stories from many weekly sections. And some of the newsroom's best work is tucked away in Past Projects.

Welcome to CT Auctions Today. What is it? Itís an on-line tag sale that enables everyone to buy and sell collectibles, antiques, cars, computers, books, and almost anything else. This new service includes many close-to-home categories, such as Connecticut sports teams and state attractions. Come join us, and good luck with your bids.

Gregarious Epicure The Colin Chronicles with Colin McEnroe, The Gregarious Epicure with Greg Morago and Capitol Letters with Duby McDowell -- three great reasons to visit this Web site every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You won't find these Web columnists anywhere else!

Here's our latest resource for folks who are nuts about the Nutmeg State! The Connecticut Internet Directory is your guide to hundreds of worthwhile and fun Web sites from Greenwich to Griswold. And don't miss Zoe, our online columnist who browses state Web sites while the rest of us sleep. Her column appears every Thursday.

Get your Connecticut sports news here, up close and in depth. If you follow UConn basketball, you should join Husky Hardcores. It's the place for UConn basketball and nothing but. We've also got packages for the New England Blizzard women's basketball team, the The Connecticut Pride men's basketball team and the Hartford Wolf Pack hockey team.

Looking for a used car, boat or motorcycle? Find your next vehicle in our searchable listings - updated daily. AutoSource also features loan rates, Duncan Haimerl's Q&A; column and a directory of area dealers. And if you're searching for a new home, turn to REsource, Connecticut's Real Estate Marketplace.

All the movies. All the times. You know the movie you want to see is out... but where and when?... name it and we'll tell you where to go. Read our staff reviews, see what's coming soon, tell us whether to wait for the video.

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