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Ask Zendaya YOUR Fan Question!Play

Ask Zendaya YOUR Fan Question!

We know you guys love Zendaya on Disney's "Shake It Up," ...

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The American Idols Answer QuestionsPlay

The American Idols Answer Questions

You asked, and they answered! Check out this Q&A video fr...

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Ask Jenny & Ashley a Question! Play

Ask Jenny & Ashley a Question!

Jenny & Ashley are featured Artists 2 Know here on KIDZBO...

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"A Love Like Mine" - Plug In StereoPlay

"A Love Like Mine" - Plug In Stereo

You can now sing along to Plug In Stereo's song, "A ...

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Worldwide - Big Time RushPlay

"Worldwide" - Big Time Rush

Go worldwide with Big Time Rush! Here they are with their...

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Did You Think - Lindee LinkPlay

"Did You Think" - Lindee Link

Did you think Lindee Link couldn't get any cooler? Think ...

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Well Be a Dream - We The Kings featuring Demi LovatoPlay

"Well Be a Dream" - We The Kings featuring Demi Lovato

You're not dreaming! The latest music video from We The K...

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Stayin' Up All Night - Amanda RoitPlay

"Stayin' Up All Night" - Amanda Roit

You're going to stay up all day and night listening to Am...

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