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Trial of nine BPC and SASO leaders ends

Tuesday, 21 December 1976
The lengthy trial of nine student leaders from the Black People's Convention (BPC) and the South African Students' Organisation (SASO) ended on this date. They were found guilty under the Terrorism Act and sentenced to periods of imprisonment, three for six years and six for five years. ..
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South African Student Organisation (SASO)

The South African Student Organisation (SASO) was formed in 1968 after some members of the University of Natal’s Black Campus SRC (Student Representative Council) decided to break away from the National Union of South African Students (NUSAS).


Namibia, a former German colony, is situated towards the north west of South Africa. The Orange River marks the border between the two countries. The country is about 800 000 square kilometers big and borders on Angola to the north and Botswana in the east.

The History of Christmas Day and its celebration in South Africa

Christmas Day, celebrated on December 25 in Catholic, Protestant, and most Orthodox churches, is a public holiday in South Africa.


A Land Dispossession History 1600s-1990s

Anyone who travels over the vast expanse of South Africa is immediately struck by the great variations in its landscape and the differing contexts and conditions under which Black rural people live.


Kenya is a country in East Africa with a population of 44 million people and the largest economy of the region. The early inhabitants were mostly migrants from other regions of Africa, particularly from West Africa and North-east Africa.

The San

The earliest hunter-gatherers in southern Africa were the San people. The San were also known as 'Bushmen', a term used by the European Colonists that is now considered derogatory.


A History of Official Government HIV/AIDS Policy in South Africa

In 1982, the first case of AIDS in South Africa was reported in a homosexual man who contracted the virus while in California, United States.


Afrapix, a progressive photographers' collective and photographic agency. Established by Omar Badsha, Lesley Lawson and a small group of black and white photographers and political activists in 1981. 

The Cape Minstrels: Origins and Evolution of Tweede Nuwe Jaar (Second New Year) in the Cape

In the years following 1994, South Africa has become well known for its culturally diverse population and heritage (Fraser, 2005:11). The ways in which this diversity manifests varies and is dissimilar throughout the country.