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Latest News

GUADEC and Akademy to be co-located in Gran Canaria in 2009

The GNOME Foundation and KDE e.V. announced that they will hold their yearly conferences, GUADEC and Akademy in 2009 in Gran Canaria. The conferences will be separate events, but co-located and hosted by the same organizers.

GNOME hires Stormy Peters as Executive Director

Bringing to an end a long search, the GNOME Foundation has hired Stormy Peters, a well-known industry analyst with a long-standing relationship with GNOME, as their Executive Director. The hire was announced at GUADEC 2008, GNOME's flagship conference, in Istanbul.

Google Summer of Code

For the fourth consecutive year, GNOME is participating to the Google Summer of Code. If you are a student and you want to learn more, you can read the information for students and then look at the ideas for projects on our wiki to prepare your application!

Upcoming Events

Boston Summit 2008

October 11-13, Boston MA, USA

The Boston Summit is a three-day hackfest for GNOME developers and contributors. It is not primarily aimed at users or new contributors, but if you want to jump right into the deep end, it's a fantastic way to meet everyone and get involved.

Unlike traditional conferences, the Boston Summit is all about getting developers together and getting things done. While there are some non-hacking sessions, they are geared heavily towards many-to-many, interactive discussion and planning, rather than one-to-many presentations.

Come along and get involved!

GNOME.Asia Summit 2008

October 18-19, 2008; Beijing, China

The first GNOME.Asia Summit will take place from October 18th through the 19th 2008, in Beijing, China. Approximately 300 people are expected to attend. This will be an exciting event with a variety of people attending. The theme of the summit is 'Go GNOME- Free Your Desktop' which refers to the primary goals of the GNOME.Asia Summit, spreading the knowledge of GNOME across Asia, and building a more vibrant, thriving community around it.

We are calling for participants and speakers now! Please send your talk proposal to the organization committee.

What is GNOME?

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GNOME Shirts Available!

Hackerthreads will be donating a portion of proceeds of the shirt sales to the GNOME Foundation. Buy a shirt today!